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Capitalism: The Age of Unmasked Gods and Naked Kings (Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization Volume 2)


Abdullah Öcalan

To understand how capitalism has come to engulf our world, we must understand how it developed out of classical civilization. Its historical roots lie in the emergence of hierarchies, power, monopolies, and the nation-state, argues Abdullah Öcalan.

“Capitalism: The Age of Unmasked Gods and Naked Kings” is the second book in a new five-volume work called Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization. Together, they present the synthesis of Öcalan’s political thinking. This volume completes his journey through the history of civilizations, preparing the ground for the upcoming volume on “The Sociology of Freedom”.

Abdullah Öcalan is the founder of the PKK, and a seminal thinker of the Kurdish freedom movement. His ideas, shaped by decades-long research and political struggle, has been a major inspiration for the ongoing revolution in Rojava.

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